Thursday, November 9, 2017

Welcome your guests this holiday with a warm and inviting guest bedroom dressed in Holiday Cheer!

The holidays are upon us and if you are waiting to host out of town guests,make them feel cozy and welcomed by dressing up your guest room in holiday style.
 It's easier than you think!. 

So, let's get started...

Lay out cozy bedding with extra layers for those chilly winter nights.

Bedding by Ralph Lauren
Throw by Macy's Home
Plaid Pillow Cover by MaddiebellaHome

Place extra throws at the foot of the bed for easy access during the night.

Additional throws in a basket are always a good idea especially for guests to grab when they join you downstairs to watch some good ole' holiday movies with the family.

 A basket of warm and cozy goodies: Slippers, a flannel pajama or shirt, some fuzzy socks,and their very own special mug for sipping hot cocoa are among my favorites.  


Decorate a festive nightstand with a scented seasonal candle. 
Check for allergies to/preference for specific scents first.  

A soft furry friend "teddy bear" is always a sweet gesture.

And always, always make room in the dresser drawers and closet 
for their unmentionables.. 

And there you have it, an easy to set up, cozy, and above all welcoming space for your guests to feel right at home during the holidays!




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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From Design Board to my Shopping Cart: The pieces that will soon make up my Completed Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design

 As my Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design starts to take shape, I can't help 
but remember the first time I sat down to design my first Design Board draft for the room.

The first draft was a raw poster board that I taped inspiration pictures I clipped from various sources (i.e; Pinterest, Shopping Catalogs, etc)... After a month or so of changing those clippings as well as adding new ones, I moved on to create my Electronic Design Board.  

And then started the arduous process of clearing out the room to begin the prep work.  As any interior designer/stylist knows, the worst part is always the prep work!

 Painting the room was the first step.  I chose a pure white palette in order to achieve a clean Farmhouse Cottage look.  The pure white palette will also allow me to incorporate my love of Coastal decor into the room during the summer. 
With the white color palette on the walls, the room instantly transformed as it
 took the shape of a blank white canvas ready to be designed.

(Paint Color: Ultra Pure White-Flat by Behr)

Re-purposing pieces that I could continue to use in the space was not only helpful in keeping costs down, but it allowed me to keep items that I loved.  The existing desk in the space was a natural wood dinette table that we purchased from IKEA a few years back that we then painted white.   In order to transform the table into a Farmhouse Style piece, I stained the tabletop and lightly distressed it to give it that old worn Farmhouse look.

(Stain Color: Carrignton by Varathane)

Shopping/designing new items was the most fun of course.  One thing was certain, I would stick to my Design Board and only deviate from it if by chance a specific item was no longer available, or if the intended piece was better suited by a substitute   Luckily, I was able to find as well as design the intended pieces with little wavering from the original design board.

Below are a few sneak peak pics ( That's almost a tongue twister) of some of the pieces that you will see in my Farmhouse Guest Room Design.  As you will notice, none of the pictures have their intended purpose defined...that was purposefully done so that I can describe them in the room reveal.

 So, that's a little synopsis of the steps I underwent to get to where I am today with my Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design.... All of the sneak peek pics will come to life very soon, and I can't wait to share the completed design with you!



So, when is the REVEAL????..... Soon, I promise!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design Board Part II

A few months ago, I blogged the first part of
 my Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design Board...
The room re do is in progress and coming along perfect as I envisioned.

 I am sharing some pieces from my initial design 
board as well as a few new additions.
 ***  ***
Here is a little snippet of the progress.  
I designed this Welcoming sign to greet
our guests... (Sign can be found in my Etsy Shop)

The Farmhouse Style Bed arrived, and it's perfect!
It has not been styled nor centered within the room yet,
but I wanted to give you a first glimpse of it's beautiful iron design.

One of my favorite parts of design process is the addition of accessories.
I could shop all day for the right pieces, and I make sure
to purchase pieces that are versatile, and that can be used 
in various areas of the room and in many different ways.
 Pillows are a great source of bringing texture into a room...
They also bring volume to a simple wooden chair, and add dimension to a bed.
(This Ticking Fabric Farmhouse Pillow is NEW and available in my Etsy store now).
The tall weaved wood basket is by Threshold at Target. 
 Perfect for throws, blankets, and extra pillows.

Providing a tray with a floral display or some reading material 
is ALWAYS a perfect way to welcome guests...This IKEA tray 
is sleek and large enough to serve breakfast in bed after a long
night of travel for your guests.  
(I apologize for the blurred photo)

So as I mentioned, this is just a little snippet of my Farmhouse Guest 
Bedroom Design Board Part II.  
I hope you've enjoyed the additions I've made to the design, and look forward 
to revealing the room once its completed.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Quick and Easy decor change-ups: Transform your furntiture pieces by changing the decor around them to make them look new everytime

I remember rearranging my bedroom around a gazillion times
when I was a teenager.  Even then I longed for new decor perspective.
Well, I'm happy to say nothing has changed!  I enjoy switching, moving, 
and ultimately transforming the decor around my home on a weekly 
if not daily basis.  

This post is inspired by this sweet little Queen Anne style accent table
we inherited from my husband's late grandmother.  Originally a maple color,
it just didn't quite go with our home decor style or color palette. 
 ( I apologize for the lack of BEFORE pics, I guess I was anxious to start the transformation that I forgot to snap away.)

 But, as paint makes everything simple, 
I transformed this table into a Farmhouse style piece that now perfectly
coordinates with the overall style of our home. 

The painting process entailed the following;
  • Dusting
  •  Light sanding to remove any existing shine
  • Prepping with painters tape
  • Staining the top
  • Painting the apron, legs, and base (I used two coats overall)
  • Allow sufficient time to dry
  • Apply light sealer to prevent chipping when in use
After a few coats of white paint to the body, and a dark stain to the top, 
this little table was transformed from it's traditional passe look to a show
stopper Farmhouse piece that fits right in with our Farmhouse Style home decor.

The project was easy, and it really helped to have 80 degree So Cal weather 
for a quick drying process.  

Ultimately, this table will go into our Farmhouse Guest Bedroom (Design in progress), but until the bedroom design is complete, it sits near our dining room bay window.

Since I'm having such a great time styling this sweet little piece, I thought I'd give your some tips on how one simple furniture piece can be styled many different ways.

As I mentioned, this post will give you tips on how to style a single
 piece of furniture to give it new perspective.

A simple piece of furniture can take on new life not just by transforming it via paint and stain, but also by changing the decor on it and around it.  

Adding a vase with real or faux blooms, a strand of beads, and a stack of vintage books 
is a simple look that is both attractive, and doesn't compete with the beauty of the table itself.

                                                               Leaving the bottom shelf bare was not an accident...remember, 
                                                               Sometimes less is more.  I'm sure at some point I will
                                                               decorate the bottom shelf, but for now, I like the simplicity 
                                                               of  the design as is.


Allow your designs to be cohesive with the rest of the room.
 The dark stain top and white body compliment
with the overall look of the room
(...this is not the final resting place for the table however)


                                                           The white curtain panels and dark wood floors provide a complimentary 
                    base and background for the table's color palette.                        


Wrapping old books and using them for decor is a lot better
than destroying them...These wrapped books add beautiful dimension and 
height to the table decor.

 Loose pages from a book that was not salvageable
create a pretty textured look atop the stack of wrapped books.


                                                                      Wooden Beads from my Etsy shop add texture that combined
                                                                      with the jute wrapped books create a soft design that brings
                                                                      visual appeal to the table decor.

A simple glass vase showcasing faux blooms
 creates a clean design that is fuss free.
Not trying to disguise the blooms as real; by placing them in a see through vase allows their faux beauty to be evident while allowing them to stand out as a beautiful accent to the overall table decor.



 Placing a basket next to the table is a perfect way to bring in  texture to a hard piece of furniture. Adding a basket adds not only more texture, but it creates a softer design.



 Another way in which to create a transformed look
to this table decor is to place a chair beside it.  
Adding a chair creates a completely different design 
that instantly transforms this simple table design into 
a cozy corner where a book can be read and tea can be sipped...
Doesn't that sound lovely?!

The change in pillow allows for yet another
perspective to this design...
  (Pillows available in my Etsy Shop)

Now this is a space that exudes style, comfort, elegance, 
and one in which design goals are met...And to think it all started
with the transformation of a sweet little table.  

I hope this post allows you to gain design perspective when
styling your home.  Easy decor change-ups can revamp your  
designs and help make your overall decor look new every time.

So don't be afraid to add, remove, and switch things around...You will 
be amazed at how many new designs you can create around one 
simple piece of furniture.

 Happy Styling!


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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Incorporataing Seasonal Decor into Your Everyday Style: Easier than you think...

 Seasonal decor and Your everyday Style...

 For the average person wanting to style their home for the seasons
it often becomes an overwhelming task; One reason why
 is that more often than not one feels that seasonal decor means their home has to completely be stripped of their every day style in order to incorporate seasonal changes into their space.

I am here to tell you that this is not the case at all... So, put your seasonal
decor fears and apprehensions aside, and read on to learn how you don't have 
to be a designer to showcase seasonal decor among your everyday decorating style.

Read these simple tips on how to Style your home for the seasons 
while keeping your overall decor style intact:

One  tip to remember is that seasons are transitional. It's important to keep 
this in mind so that you are not over styling and better yet, so that you don't 
break your bank when out shopping for seasonal decor.

Tip Number 1:
Clear out color palettes that may collide with 
the current season.  For example, when decorating for 
spring, you may want to store your dark throws and pillows 
and replace them with florals, pastels, and neutrals.

 This DOESN'T mean you need to store away your dark tables or couches.
Those items are fixed pieces that will work well as you add accessories around them 
in order to compliment the season your are decorating for.  

Tip Number Two:
Shop smart.  When out shopping for seasonal items, 
attempt to consider purchasing pieces that may 
be used in more than one season.  For example, 
floral and colorful accent pillows may be used for both spring
 and summer. This will allow you to save on your decorating budget as well
as saving your space in your decor closet.

Tip Number Three:
 Use the "less is more" approach, and don't overdo the season.  This can be achieved by adding touches of seasonal decor and not overpowering your space with too much.  I like to you the term
"sprinkle' when it comes to helping my clients decorate for the seasons.

In other words, sprinkle touches of the season here and there.  Don't turn every room 
in your home into a seasonal display.  By keeping your seasonal decor at bay, you will achieve a 
more classic look that doesn't appear overdone, or make your home look like a seasonal decor store.

Tip Number Four: 

 You don't have to overhaul every space in your home to decorate for the seasons.
If your dining room buffet is an essential part of your everyday living, 
and you can't do without it's purposeful use, then don't change it. 
  Simply work around it by adding simple touches that will show off the season in a subtle way. 

 In this photo, the dining room is essential for hosting dinner parties, and adding, ribbons, jute, mason jars and a faux bloom give off a soft spring vibe while keeping the space for its intended use 
without too much disruption.

Tip Number Five:
Create seasonal vignettes (as in the following photos) that can easily be changed and moved throughout your space. Using baskets, crates, and galvanized buckets is the perfect way in which to display seasonal accessories on tabletops, buffets, and beside tables which can be moved around to gain new perspective all season long.



So there you have it, five easy tips that allow you to incorporate seasonal decor into
your everyday style.

 So go ahead and give it a whirl...Work around your decor and bring a little splash of the seasons
 to your space.


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